La Consigne

Gold, Diamond & Nighttime Box

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Selection of three ceramic hand-made bottles in limited edition by Jars.

Vase, carafe or singular object with a thousand and one uses to accessorize a room, to give colors to a library, to welcome a particular flower, to liven up a large tables.


La consigne

Like a colorful and offbeat nod to traditional instructions, the silhouettes are gently inspired by consumer models. Bottles trapped in stoneware made to last.




Each piece is made of stoneware, a material known for its resistance and high quality. Non-porous, lead-free, cadmium-free, they won't chip and are easy to use every day. Unique bottles designed to last, year after year.


La Consigne is a colourful and offbeat homage to traditional deposits, the stoneware bottle collection. Crystallized in stoneware and produced in a few copies, our bottles have no expiration date!